Maatori Oy expands its ownership base

Maatori Oy, the Finnish market leader in the brokerage of heavy equipment and vehicles, is aiming for the next stage of growth and a stronger expansion of its business outside Finland. Long-term entrepreneur Mika Kähäri has chosen Helmet Capital as his partner for the future growth path, and an investor group gathered by Helmet Capital will become the majority owner of the company through the ownership arrangement.

“With the entry of Helmet, we will have a financial backbone with which we can start growing the company’s sales network even more internationally, with the aim of becoming a significant player at the European level. We have proven the functionality of our brokerage concept in the domestic market, and therefore, we are ready to take the next step into a larger company”, says entrepreneur Mika Kähäri.

Aari Rahoitus Oy, which was established as a subsidiary of Maatori in the spring of 2023 and brokers financial services for heavy equipment and vehicles, has introduced a new business area in the group’s operations that is well complementing the original machine brokerage. The business of Aari Rahoitus has started very positively, and despite its short period of operation, the company has already achieved a significant position in its market.

The themes of responsibility and the circular economy are strongly present in Maatori’s core business. The company mainly brokers equipment that is approx. 4-5 years old, improving the utilization rate of the machines as well as extending their life cycle. Machines are brokered not only within Finland but also to significantly to abroad.

“The standardized brokerage process, versatile sales expertise and excellent buyer networks have enabled Maatori to achieve a strong market position in Finland. The company has made convincing growth in recent years, and the ownership arrangement will create a solid foundation for the further development of both Maatori and Aari Rahoitus”, says Sampo Ahonen, partner, Helmet Capital.

For more information, please contact CEO Mika Kähäri (tel. 040 124 6267) and Chairman of the Board Sampo Ahonen (tel. 040 520 1090).

Maatori Oy is Finland’s largest operator specializing in broker sales of heavy equipment and vehicles, with an annual turnover of approx. 30 MEUR. The company brokers heavy machinery, e.g. earthmoving machines, forestry machines, trucks and excavators. The company was founded in 2018. Maatori’s main office is in Kangasala, Finland, and other offices are located in Vantaa, Kuopio, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Turku, as well as Tallinn and Riga.

Aari Rahoitus Oy is a company specialized in brokering of financing services for heavy equipment and vehicles. The company was founded in spring 2023 and has offices in Tampere, Oulu and Vantaa.

Helmet Capital Oy Ab is a Finnish private equity firm, owned by its partners, which makes direct majority stake investments into Finnish small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Helmet invests funds of private individuals, family businesses and institutional investors that belong to their investment network. Helmet has operated in the private equity business since 1998.