We are driven by the desire to enable the success of our target companies and investor partners and create an environment where everyone can reach their full potential. We generate domestic success stories and provide an increase of average annual investment rate of return.

57 completed investments, 150+ corporate acquisitions, 18% investment return rate (IRR)

Investment strategy of Helmet Capital

During our ownership, the target companies’ revenues have significantly increased. This, combined with the continuous improvement in profitability, has resulted in a substantial appreciation of value for investors, entrepreneurs, and company management.

Helmet Capital makes majority investments in Finnish growth companies that meet the following criteria: revenue between 5-50 million euros, strong cash flow, the ability and willingness to grow, a competent and functional entrepreneurial team, and responsible business operations.

We provide broad industry expertise and knowledge to support growth in various situations, including market consolidations, generational transitions, internationalization, and growth financing.

How we create value for our investments

At Helmet, we actively participate in the operations of our target companies. Primarily, we engage at a strategic level, but when needed, we also provide support and consultation to management in operational matters.

Our primary value addition comes from our strategic expertise, as well as our ability to facilitate mergers and acquisitions and various financing solutions. By participating in board and committee work, we aim to generate the highest possible value increase for the company.

In financing the companies, we utilize both equity capital from Helmet and external debt. Equity financing often takes the form of share capital and capital loans.

henkilö tummassa puvun takissa

HY-Tech Comp (ex Hyrles)

Exit 2020

Pekka Väyrynen, CEO

“Helmet Capital was an active owner, with investors who shared their thoughts and experiences widely and provided guidance for the development of our business. The experts at Helmet Capital have a broad network of contacts, which was also very helpful to us.

The collaboration with the investment team went smoothly. They were appropriately close and available when needed, but also maintained a suitable distance. During the exit process, I learned a lot by working closely with the representatives from Helmet Capital within a tight timeframe.”

henkilö hymyilee

Turvakolmio Oy

Exit 05/2022

Pekka Usva,
CEO years 2019–2022

“I didn’t have any previous experience working with private equity investors, so I don’t have a basis for comparison. I served as the CEO of Turvakolmio during the COVID-19 pandemic, which naturally brought its own challenges.

For 3.5 years, I had regular, almost weekly interactions with the Investment Director, and our collaboration with Christian went extremely well. During the exit process, I was able to focus on compiling the Due Diligence material and managing the day-to-day operations of the company, while the experts at Helmet Capital handled the negotiation process in the background.

I appreciate the extensive and impressive experience that Helmet Capital brings in capitalization and M&A transactions. Additionally, Helmet Capital has a vast network that provides valuable benefits.”

Ylijoki Metsäenergia Oy

Investment year 2021

Arttu Hirvikorpi, CEO

Helmet Capital is a venture capital firm that offers much more than just financing. Our collaboration is built on open communication, mutual trust, and a shared goal. Helmet Capital provides the resources and networks to support the growth of our company.

Experienced professionals have brought their expertise and insights to the management of our company, contributing to strategic decision-making, risk management, and business strategy development.

Helmet Capital offers comprehensive support to companies, leveraging strong business knowledge and their extensive network to accelerate growth and success. Their committed and long-term approach ensures a strong partnership that supports the achievement of growth objectives.

Helmet Capital is a steadfast, reliable, and dedicated partner who understands the needs and goals of small and medium-sized enterprises, helping to create sustainable and profitable growth. I highly recommend Helmet Capital to growth-oriented companies.”

Responsible investing

Helmet’s commitment to sustainability is based on our dedication to acting as a responsible investor and owner. Our goal is to generate solid returns for our investors while creating significant value for society.


We operate as open and active owners, fostering close communities between our investors and portfolio companies.