Helmet has exited from 47 investments. The average annual investment rate of return has been over 18 %.

Majava Group Oy

Exit 2023 (Sold to new Finnish owners)

Investment year: 2010
Location: Sastamala, Finland
Industry: Trailers and boat trailers for passenger cars

Teijo-Talot Oy

Exit: 2022 (Sold to Onvest Oy)

Investment year: 2021
Location: Salo, Finland
Industry: Modular construction

Turvakolmio Group Oy

Exit: 2022 (Sold to Loihde Oyj)

Investment year: 2016
Location: Vantaa, Finland
Industry: Safety Systems

Fifax Abp

Exit: 2021 (IPO)

Investment year: 2014
Location: Eckerö, Ahvenanmaa, Finland
Industry: Fish farming

OTSO Metsäpalvelut

Exit: 2021 (other exit)

Investment year: 2016
Location: Tampere, Finland
Industry: Forestry services

Suomen Levyprofiili Oy

Exit: 2021 (sold to HANZA Holding AB)

Investment year: 2012
Location: Joensuu, Finland
Industry: Sheet metal structures and components

HY-Tech Comp Oy

Exit: 2020 (sold to Inission AB)

Investment year: 2007
Location: Lohja, Finland
Industry: Sheet metal and electronics

Seasam Oy

Exit year: 2017 (sold to ZetaDisplay Ab)

Investment year: 2013
Location: Lahti, Finland
Industry: Digital signage solutions

Eximia Business Intelligence Oy

Exit year: 2017 (sold to Aureolis Oy)

Investment year: 2011
Location: Oulu, Finland
Industry: Business intelligence solutions

VBH-Invest Ab

Exit year: 2016 (sold to Martin & Servera AB)

Investment year: 2015
Location: Maarianhamina, Ahvenanmaa, Finland
Industry: Food industry, fish processing

Wise Group Finland Oy

Exit year: 2016 (sold to Intera Partners Oy)

Investment year: 2010
Location: Kotka, Finland
Industry: Building construction consulting, design and construction management

Halikko Group Oy

Exit year: 2015 (other exit)

Investment year: 2008
Location: Halikko, Finland
Industry: Steel products and industrial pipes