Private Investor Helmet Business Mentors Announces Acquisition of Suomen Levyprofiili Oy


2011, 29th of December -  Titanius Oy (”Titanius”) announced acquisition of Suomen Levyprofiili Oy (”SLP”). Titanius is privately owned company who’s shares 60 % are owned by the group of investors represented by Helmet Business Mentors, and 40 % are owned by Jarmo Perälä, Timo Kokko, Hannu Leminen and Pekka Leminen, previous owners of SLP.

 Due to the global downturn and transfer of production facilities to Asia by several key industrial companies, the past years have very challenging for Finnish manufacturing companies and subcontractors. However, SLP has sustained aptitude to serve customers by relying on its own strengths. Strategically strong collaboration and co-operation already in the planning phase and strong know how production technology creates win-win situation between SLP and its key customers.

 Helmet Business Mentors is fully convinced that SLP can retain its competitive edge even during an economical downturn. The management team is aware of the markets and customers so they are able to work proactively. In addition, company structure enables to react quickly changes in the market and demand. “SLP has a great management team who has been able to remain the company profitable even during the difficult years. Helmet will support in growth, deepen customers relationships and production development” points out Tomas Hedenborg, Chairman of the Board.

 “SLP has developed rapidly since 1997. To develop the company to the next level, Helmet offers strong financial resources and know how to support the growth in the future” says Jarmo Perälä, managing director.

 For further information:

 - Chairman of the board Tomas Hedenborg, tel. +358 50 310 1999

- Managing director Jarmo Perälä, tel. +358 40 730 8983


Suomen Levyprofiili Oy manufactures sheet metal structures and components. Company’s continuously growing operation is based on combining specialist know-how with modern technology and on continuous improvement of our procedures. Headquarter and production facilities are located in Joensuu. 2011, Company generated revenue of 12,3 m€ and had 85 employees.