Helmet has exited its investment in Termorak Group which has been sold to the leading player in the refractory industry Calderys Finland Oy


Termorak is specialized in Refractory Services including lining design, refractory material sourcing, as well as installation work and inspections. With €17.2 million revenue in 2012, Termorak is based in Finland, Sweden and Thailand.

“During the past ten years Termorak has become the leading refractory company in Finland. Moreover, the company has established its presence in Sweden and in rapidly growing Asian market. With Calderys, the company has a unique growth opportunity in the refractory market.”

More information on Calderys website: http://www.calderys.com/refractory-news/calderys-acquires-termorak1.html

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Mr. Pauli Kulvik (pauli@helmetcapital.fi, +358 40 508 0030) or

Mr. Paavo Pakkanen (paavo.pakkanen@helmetcapital.fi, +358 40 354 2101)